Definition of Class sporozoa

1. Noun. Strictly parasitic protozoans that are usually immobile; includes plasmodia and coccidia and piroplasms and malaria parasites.

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Literary usage of Class sporozoa

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1. Diagnosis of Protozoa and Worms Parasitic in Man by Robert William Hegner, William Walter Cort (1921)
"The class Sporozoa contains only parasitic species, but the other three classes ... The organisms that cause malaria in man belong to the class Sporozoa, ..."

2. Animal Parasites and Human Disease by Asa Crawford Chandler (1922)
"The malarial parasites belong to the protozoan class Sporozoa, ... All of the class sporozoa are parasitic and have no organs of locomotion when full grown. ..."

3. Forms of Animal Life: A Manual of Comparative Anatomy : with Descriptions of by George Rolleston, William Hatchett Jackson (1888)
"class sporozoa. Endoparasitic Protozoa, rarely motile, reproducing by spores which are usually provided with an envelope (chlamydospores), and are seldom ..."

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