Definition of Climatal

1. a. Climatic.

Definition of Climatal

1. Adjective. (obsolete) climatic ¹

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Definition of Climatal

1. climate [adj] - See also: climate

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Literary usage of Climatal

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Great Ice Age: And Its Relation to the Antiquity of Man by James Geikie (1874)
"Loss of land.—Continental Britain.—climatal conditions.—Causes of decay, and overthrow of the ancient forests.—Growth of the peat-mosses. ..."

2. Nature and Man in America by Nathaniel Southgate Shaler (1891)
"climatal Variations; Delicacy of Adjustment thereof; its Measure. — Effect of Variations of Gulf Stream on Extension of Ice. — Review and Conclusion. ..."

3. The Methodist Review (1873)
"the climatal extremes to be more strongly marked than at the present time. The summer heat and the winter cold in Central Europe somewhat resembled that of ..."

4. Tropical Nature, and Other Essays by Alfred Russel Wallace (1878)
"The three climatal Zones of the Earth—Temperature of the Equatorial Zone •—Causes of the Uniform Ili^h Temperature near the Equator—-Influence cf the Heat ..."

5. Cave Hunting: Researches on the Evidence of Caves Respecting the Early by William Boyd Dawkins (1874)
"Three climatal Changes represented on the Continent. These changes of climate have also been observed on the continent of Europe. The Swiss geologists have ..."

6. Early Man in Britain and His Place in the Tertiary Period by William Boyd Dawkins (1880)
"climatal and Geographical Changes in Britain marked by Glacial Phenomena. Secular changes of climate in the Pleistocene age are clearly marked in Britain ..."

7. Researches on North American Acridiidae by Albert Pitts Morse (1904)
"climatal CONDITIONS AFFECTING RESULTS. The weather, on which so much depends, was as favorable as could be expected, though in parts of the trip collecting ..."

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