Definition of Clovers

1. Noun. (plural of clover) ¹

2. Noun. (informal) the suit of clubs; primarily childish. ¹

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Definition of Clovers

1. clover [n] - See also: clover

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Literary usage of Clovers

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Handbook of Nature-study for Teachers and Parents, Based on the Cornell by Anna Botsford Comstock (1911)
"THE clovers Teacher's Story "Sweet by the roadside, sweet by the rills. Sweet in the meadows, sweet on the hills, Sweet in its wine, sweet in its red, Oh, ..."

2. Breeding Crop Plants by Herbert Kendall Hayes, Ralph John Garber (1921)
"clovers The importance of clovers as forage crops and their role in soil improvement make them of great economic value. Tri- folium pratense, or ordinary ..."

3. Cyclopedia of American Agriculture: A Popular Survey of Agricultural by Liberty Hyde Bailey (1907)
"Grasses and clovers Used in Meadows and Pastures. By WJ Spillman. ... The present article treats chiefly of the cultivated grasses and clovers. ..."

4. The Forage and Fiber Crops in America by Thomas Forsyth Hunt (1907)
"The genus Trifolium (clovers) is closely related to Medicago (alfalfa) and Melilotus (sweet clover) in that in all the leaf is divided into three leaflets. ..."

5. Successful Farming; a Ready Reference on All Phases of Agriculture for by Frank Duane Gardner (1916)
"CHAPTER 16 THE clovers clovers are important on account of their high protein ... clovers enrich the soil in nitrogen and organic matter, and improve its ..."

6. Forage Crops for Soiling, Silage, Hay and Pasture by Edward Burnett Voorhees (1917)
"MIXED GRASSES AND clovers On most farms in the dairy sections of the country, timothy, red-top and clovers (both red and alsike), and timothy and clovers ..."

7. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for by American Philosophical Society (1922)
"This study of the clovers was begun in 1907 and has been pursued intermittently ever since. Sufficient data has accumulated to warrant its assemblage for ..."

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