Definition of Cobble

1. Noun. Rectangular paving stone with curved top; once used to make roads.

Exact synonyms: Cobblestone, Sett
Generic synonyms: Paving Stone

2. Verb. Pave with cobblestones.
Exact synonyms: Cobblestone
Generic synonyms: Pave
Derivative terms: Cobbler

3. Verb. Repair or mend. "Cobble shoes"
Generic synonyms: Bushel, Doctor, Fix, Furbish Up, Mend, Repair, Restore, Touch On
Derivative terms: Cobbling

Definition of Cobble

1. n. A fishing boat. See Coble.

2. n. A cobblestone.

3. v. t. To make or mend coarsely; to patch; to botch; as, to cobble shoes.

Definition of Cobble

1. Noun. A cobblestone. ¹

2. Noun. (geology) A particle from 64 to 256 mm in diameter, following the Wentworth scale ¹

3. Verb. To make shoes (what a cobbler does). ¹

4. Verb. To assemble ('cobble together' an improvised assembly). ¹

5. Verb. To use cobblestones to pave a road, walkway, etc. ¹

6. Verb. To tell someone a story of dubious authenticity; a tall tale. ¹

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Definition of Cobble

1. to mend [v -BLED, -BLING, -BLES] - See also: mend

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Literary usage of Cobble

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Reprint of Annual Reports and Other Papers on the Geology of the Virginias by William Barton Rogers (1884)
"In other cases, as at Alexandria and at Richmond, tho cobble-stone deposit is usually overlaid by stratified sand and gravel of considerable thickness. ..."

2. A Practical Treatise on Roads, Streets, and Pavements by Quincy Adams Gillmore (1892)
"Foundation of cobble Stones. The cobblestone pavement set in a sand form, of which a description is given below, although furnishing a very inferior street ..."

3. Street Railways: Their Construction, Operation and Maintenance. (Trams) A by Charles Bryant Fairchild (1892)
"cobble STONES. have been very extensively employed in this country as a material for forming the path between the rails of such street car lines as were ..."

4. A History of the National Capital from Its Foundation Through the Period of by Wilhelmus Bogart Bryan (1916)
"... and then the surface of the roadway on the north side of Market Space between 7th and 9th streets was paved with cobble, the method generally followed ..."

5. American Street Railways: Their Construction, Equipment and Maintenance by Augustine W. Wright (1887)
"Dear Sir—In our judgment small cobble stones make the best pavements for ... Dear Sir—There is nothing, in my opinion, that will equal cobble stone of small ..."

6. Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology: Including Many of the Principal by James Mark Baldwin (1901)
"... interrupted vibration of a portion of matter, such as the tearing of a piece of paper or the rattling of a cart-wheel over cobble stones. ..."

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