Definition of Cod

1. Noun. The vessel that contains the seeds of a plant (not the seeds themselves).

Exact synonyms: Pod, Seedcase
Generic synonyms: Husk
Specialized synonyms: Pea Pod, Peasecod
Derivative terms: Pod, Pod

2. Verb. Fool or hoax. "You can't fool me!"
Exact synonyms: Befool, Dupe, Fool, Gull, Put On, Put One Across, Put One Over, Slang, Take In
Specialized synonyms: Kid, Pull The Leg Of
Generic synonyms: Betray, Deceive, Lead Astray
Derivative terms: Dupe, Dupery, Fool, Fool, Gull, Put-on, Take-in

3. Adjective. Payable by the recipient on delivery. "A COD parcel"
Exact synonyms: Collect
Similar to: Due

4. Adverb. Collecting the charges upon delivery. "Mail a package C.O.D."
Exact synonyms: C.o.d., Cash On Delivery

5. Noun. Lean white flesh of important North Atlantic food fish; usually baked or poached.
Exact synonyms: Codfish
Group relationships: Atlantic Cod, Gadus Morhua
Generic synonyms: Saltwater Fish
Specialized synonyms: Salt Cod

6. Verb. Harass with persistent criticism or carping. "His fellow workers razzed him when he wore a jacket and tie"

7. Noun. Major food fish of Arctic and cold-temperate waters.
Exact synonyms: Codfish
Generic synonyms: Gadoid, Gadoid Fish
Group relationships: Gadus, Genus Gadus
Specialized synonyms: Codling, Atlantic Cod, Gadus Morhua, Alaska Cod, Gadus Macrocephalus, Pacific Cod, Burbot, Cusk, Eelpout, Ling, Lota Lota, Schrod, Scrod
Derivative terms: Codling

Definition of Cod

1. n. A husk; a pod; as, a peascod.

2. n. An important edible fish (Gadus morrhua), taken in immense numbers on the northern coasts of Europe and America. It is especially abundant and large on the Grand Bank of Newfoundland. It is salted and dried in large quantities.

Definition of Cod

1. Initialism. Cash on delivery ¹

2. Initialism. Concise Oxford Dictionary ¹

3. Initialism. Call of Duty ¹

4. Noun. (obsolete) A bag. ¹

5. Noun. (obsolete) A husk or integument; a pod. ¹

6. Noun. (rare) The scrotum (also in plural). ¹

7. Noun. A marine fish of the family Gadidae. ¹

8. Noun. A marine fish resembling a cod of the genus Gadus, such as the rock cod. ¹

9. Noun. A joke or an imitation. ¹

10. Noun. A stupid or foolish person. ¹

11. Adjective. Having the character of imitation; jocular. (now usually attributive, forming mostly compound adjectives). ¹

12. Verb. (slang transitive dialectal) To attempt to deceive or confuse. ¹

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Definition of Cod

1. to fool [v CODDED, CODDING, CODS] - See also: fool

Medical Definition of Cod

1. 1. The fat-filled scrotum of a castrated bovine animal. 2. A common marine fish (family Gadidae) related to the haddock and pollack. (05 Mar 2000)

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