Definition of Coefficient of correlation

1. Noun. A statistic representing how closely two variables co-vary; it can vary from -1 (perfect negative correlation) through 0 (no correlation) to +1 (perfect positive correlation). "What is the correlation between those two variables?"

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Literary usage of Coefficient of correlation

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Publications of the American Statistical Association by American Statistical Association (1920)
"ON FUNCTIONAL RELATIONS FOR WHICH THE coefficient of correlation IS ZERO. BY HL RIETZ, University of Iowa. The recent papers of Reed* and Harris in these ..."

2. The Journal of Educational Research by American Educational Research Association (1921)
"The coefficient of correlation between the scores upon the intelligence scale and ... In all the other grades, the coefficient of correlation, while small, ..."

3. The American Journal of Psychology by Edward Bradford ( Titchener, Granville Stanley Hall (1911)
"Starting from the notion of the regression curve and regression line the author develops formulae for the coefficient of correlation, for the correlation ..."

4. The Elements of Statistical Method by Willford Isbell King (1912)
"Karl Pearson's Coefficient of Correlation. When two different characteristics of a given series of items, as, for example, the length and breadth of leaves, ..."

5. Experiments in Educational Psychology by Daniel Starch (1917)
"CHAPTER IV THE coefficient of correlation Problem. The coefficient of correlation is an expression used so widely in educational and psychological work that ..."

6. Fundamentals of Educational Measurement with the Elements of Statistical Method by Chester Arthur Gregory (1922)
"We found the coefficient of correlation between abilities in Latin and in mathematics to be 0.107. The number of cases taken to get this value was 310. ..."

7. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics by Carl Joseph West (1918)
"Unlike the correlation ratio the coefficient of correlation expresses a ... According to the underlying theory of the coefficient of correlation for data in ..."

8. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1900)
"The coefficient of correlation = 0'466 ± 0-0539 5. The coefficient of regression of offspring on mothers = 0'619± 0-0809 According to Mr. Gallon's theory of ..."

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