Definition of Coffeecake

1. Noun. A cake or sweet bread usually served with coffee.

Exact synonyms: Coffee Cake
Generic synonyms: Cake
Specialized synonyms: Babka, Coffee Ring

Definition of Coffeecake

1. Noun. Any cake flavoured with coffee ¹

2. Noun. Any cake designed to be eaten with coffee ¹

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Literary usage of Coffeecake

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Baker's Bread by Paul Richards (1918)
"coffeecake should be baked in a good even heat of about 350 degrees to 400 ... For Almond coffeecake add to the above mixture one pound of sweet almonds and ..."

2. The Daily News Cook Book, Being a Reprint from The Chicago Record Cook Book edited by Mary Mott Chesbrough (1896)
"Quick coffeecake. Coffee. LUNCHEON. Chicken omelet. ... Quick coffeecake—A delicious coffeecake is made by creaming one-fourth of a cup of butter with a cup ..."

3. Daytrips Italy: 40 One Day Adventures by Rail, Car Or Bus by Earl Steinbicker (2005)
"Panettone is a Milanese coffeecake with raisins and candled fruit. As a major international business center, Milan abounds in expensive restaurants ..."

4. The Baker's Book: A Practical Hand Book of the Baking Industry in All by Emil Braun (1902)
"The finest French coffeecake is the Brioche. Very rich and very tender. The method of preparing them is as follows: 2*4 Ibs. flour, i'{ Ib. butter, ..."

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