Definition of Cognitions

1. Noun. (plural of cognition) ¹

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Definition of Cognitions

1. cognition [n] - See also: cognition

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Literary usage of Cognitions

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Ruling Principle of Method Applied to Education by Antonio Rosmini, Maria Georgina Shirreff Grey (1889)
"are also given in succession, and it is these that render possible the cognitions for which the child already possesses the materials. 162. ..."

2. Kant's Critical Philosophy for English Readers by Immanuel Kant (1889)
"The question, whether there be cognitions independent of all the impressions of the senses, is not therefore to be lightly decided. [It may be objected, ..."

3. Elements of Logic: Together with an Introductory View of Philosophy in by Henry Philip Tappan (1856)
"THE primary sensuous cognitions, in general, are those which are formed intuitively by the Reason, respecting the exterior world, through the force of its ..."

4. Lectures on Metaphysics and Logic by William Hamilton (1860)
"The cognitions are styled, among other names, by those of noetic, pure, or rational, and they are such as cannot, though manifested in experience, ..."

5. Time and Space: A Metaphysical Essay by Shadworth Hollway Hodgson (1865)
"cognitions themselves are existences, for they are objects; the evidence of their existence is our consciousness. If what has been said in the preceding ..."

6. An Outline of the Necessary Laws of Thought: A Treatise on Pure and Applied by William Thomson (1863)
"cognitions in General. HE impression which any object makes upon the mind may be called a Presentation. Some Presentations are admitted into the mind ..."

7. A Treatise on Logic: Or, The Laws of Pure Thought; Comprising Both the by Francis Bowen (1895)
"But these necessary cognitions a priori are not reversible in thought; ... Moreover, as has been said, these cognitions are prerequisites of experience, ..."

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