Definition of Collective bargaining

1. Noun. Negotiation between an employer and trade union.

Generic synonyms: Dialogue, Negotiation, Talks

Definition of Collective bargaining

1. Noun. A method of negotiation in which employees negotiate as a group with their employers, usually via a trade union ¹

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Medical Definition of Collective bargaining

1. The process of negotiation between representatives of an employee organization, association or union, and representatives of the employer. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Collective bargaining

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"CHAPTER III FROM INDIVIDUAL TO collective bargaining STAGES IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF COLLECTIVE ACTION Summary of the General Movement The close connection ..."

2. The Party of the Third Part: The Story of the Kansas Industrial Relations Court by Henry Justin Allen (1921)
"No discussion of labor problems nowadays is complete without a reference to collective bargaining, and there has been some tendency to indorse it with a ..."

3. Selected Articles on the Closed Shop by Lamar Teney Beman (1921)
"The real motive back of the "open shop" movement, or "American plan," is the disruption of trade unionism, and the defeat of collective bargaining. ..."

4. Legal Recognition of Industrial Women by Eleanor Larrabee Lattimore, Ray Shearer Trent (1919)
"collective bargaining is the name given to any kind of organization by means of ... Trade unions are one form of collective bargaining; shop committees, ..."

5. Law Enforcement Management & Administrative Statistics, 1993: Data for by Brian A. Reaves (1995)
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6. Immigration and Labor: The Economic Aspects of European Immigration to the by Isaac Aaronovich Hourwich (1922)
"Moreover, strikes were not the only means by which labor was able to assert its claims: During the war the principle of collective bargaining was of ..."

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