Definition of Color line

1. Noun. Barrier preventing blacks from participating in various activities with whites.

Exact synonyms: Color Bar, Colour Bar, Colour Line, Jim Crow
Generic synonyms: Ideological Barrier

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Literary usage of Color line

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Documentary History of Reconstruction: Political, Military, Social by Walter Lynwood Fleming (1907)
"This condition of things produced what is known as the "color-line." The "color-line" means that the whites of this State have become satisfied that it is ..."

2. The Negro Question by George Washington Cable (1898)
"WHAT MAKES THE color line ? The popular assumption that a certain antagonism between the ... If, then, the color line is the result of natural instincts, ..."

3. How the Other Half Lives: Studies Among the Tenements of New York by Jacob August Riis (1890)
"THE color line IN NEW YORK. THE color line must be drawn through the tenements to give the picture its proper shading. The landlord does the drawing, ..."

4. Applied Eugenics by Roswell Hill Johnson, Paul Bowman Popenoe (1918)
"CHAPTER XIV THE color line " A young white woman, a graduate of a great ... But the phenomenon back of itr the "color line," is so far-reaching that it ..."

5. Lucius Q.C. Lamar: His Life, Times, and Speeches, 1825-1893 by Edward Mayes (1896)
"... Falkner's Station—The color line Again—The State Democratic Convention of 1875—Lamar's Speech—Democratic Platform—The Press on Lamar's Renomination and ..."

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