Definition of Combinatory

1. Adjective. Marked by or relating to or resulting from combination.

Exact synonyms: Combinative
Similar to: Combinatorial, Combinable, Combinational
Also: Integrative
Derivative terms: Combine
Antonyms: Noncombinative

2. Adjective. Relating to or involving combinations.

3. Adjective. Able to or tending to combine.
Exact synonyms: Combinable, Combinational
Similar to: Combinative

Definition of Combinatory

1. Adjective. Of, relating to, or derived from a combination or combinations; combinative or combinatorial. ¹

2. Adjective. Having the ability to combine; combinable, combinational or combining. ¹

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Definition of Combinatory

1. [adj]

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Literary usage of Combinatory

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Elementary Algebra by John Henry Tanner (1904)
"CHAPTER VI combinatory PROPERTIES OF NUMBERS* 49. Introductory. Some combinatory properties of numbers, the correctness of which has thus far in this book, ..."

2. Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society by Cambridge Philosophical Society (1898)
"The following communications were made to the Society:— (1) A New Method in combinatory Analysis with applications to Latin Squares and associated questions ..."

3. Manual of Political Ethics by Francis Lieber (1875)
"Experience of Animals.—Animals do not exchange Labor or Produce.—Instinct.—combinatory Action of the Animal Mind. ..."

4. A History of Mathematics by Florian Cajori (1919)
"Magic Squares and combinatory Analysis The latter part of the nineteenth century witnesses a revival ... Still more recent is the combinatory Analysis, Vol. ..."

5. A Compendious Sanskrit Grammar, with a Brief Sketch of Scenic Prákrit. by August Hjalmar Edgren (1885)
"The combinatory changes are, as indicated above (26. ii.), of two kinds : INTERNAL, occurring when the formative parts of a single word are combined, ..."

6. The Directional Calculus: Based Upon the Methods of Hermann Grassmann by Edward Wyllys Hyde (1890)
"Laws of combinatory multiplication of any number of points or vectors not exceeding the number of INDEPENDENT points or vectors possible in the space under ..."

7. Manual of Political Ethics, Designed Chiefly for the Use of Colleges and by Francis Lieber, Theodore Dwight Woolsey (1876)
"combinatory Action of the Animal Mind. I. A SCIENCE is a branch of knowledge or collection of'ideas systematically developed according to principles ..."

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