Definition of Combining

1. Noun. An occurrence that results in things being united.

Exact synonyms: Combine
Generic synonyms: Union
Specialized synonyms: Recombination, Recombination, Consolidation, Mix, Mixture, Conglobation, Conglomeration
Derivative terms: Combine, Combine, Combine, Combine, Combine, Combine, Combine, Combine

2. Noun. The act of combining things to form a new whole.

Definition of Combining

1. Verb. (present participle of combine) ¹

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Definition of Combining

1. combine [v] - See also: combine

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Literary usage of Combining

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Library Journal by American Library Association, Library Association (1898)
"The combining system borrows these two from its predecessors.* It adds two new features : (i) marking form divisions " by a figure written above the subject ..."

2. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1905)
"The combining properties of serum-complement have been studied in two chief ... If wo represent the combining molecules or receptors of the red corpuscles ..."

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"He therefore preferred to call the characteristic combining numbers of the ... Richter's inference аз to the existence of combining weights in salts is ..."

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"The next simplest, and exactly analogous, case is the count by 2's, to which the combining of even digits is closely related. The greater ease in dealing ..."

5. Report of the Annual Meeting (1858)
"Of these three systems, the girder necessarily requires, from combining compressive and extensive resistances, a much larger amount of metal than either of ..."

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"We will take up first the method of determining the combining numbers of the elements. Chemical Methods of determining combining Numbers. ..."

7. Convention by National Electric Light Association Convention, National Independent Meat Packers Association, University of Georgia College of Agriculture, University of Georgia Dept. of Food Science (1892)
"A CENTRAL STATION combining THE ADVANTAGES OF BOTH THE CONTINUOUS AND ALTERNATING CURRENT SYSTEMS. We are all well aware of the fact that the greatest ..."

8. Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society by Cambridge Philosophical Society (1898)
"(4) On the combining volumes of Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen. ... Experiments so far shewed that the ratio was very nearly 2:1 for the combining gases, ..."

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