Definition of Common dogbane

1. Noun. North American perennial having pinkish flowers in loose cymes; used in folk medicine for pain or inflammation in joints.

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Literary usage of Common dogbane

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Our Garden Flowers: A Popular Study of Their Native Lands, Their Life by Harriet Louise Keeler (1910)
"... common dogbane, an inmate of thickets, with its pretty, tiny, bell-corolla with revolute lobes, cream-white marked with pink lines ..."

2. The University of Missouri Studies by University of Missouri (1907)
"A. androsaemifolium L. common dogbane. Scarce in fields and waste places. ANTICOSTI to BRITISH COLUMBIA; GEORGIA to ARIZONA. 730. ..."

3. Circular by United States Forest Service (1911)
"These two, however, belong to an entirely different family (Apocynaceae), including the common dogbane or Indian hemp, from the true quebracho, ..."

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