Definition of Common hops

1. Noun. European twining plant whose flowers are used chiefly to flavor malt liquors; cultivated in America.

Exact synonyms: Bine, Common Hop, European Hop, Humulus Lupulus
Generic synonyms: Hop, Hops

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Literary usage of Common hops

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Horticulturist, and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste by Luther Tucker (1859)
"... bat i ¡ty and superiority over the common Hops, until recently ... to the common Hops. NB SANFORD. Birmingham, (Derby,) Conn., August 3d, 1857. ..."

2. Miss Beecher's Housekeeper and Healthkeeper: Containing Five Hundred Recipes by Catharine Esther Beecher (1873)
"Pare and slice five large potatoes, and boil them in one quart of water with a large handful of common hops (or a square inch of pressed hops), ..."

3. A History of Inventions, Discoveries, and Origins by Johann Beckmann (1846)
"Whether the Chinese conceived the idea of employing our common hops for the like purpose, is a question of some importance in regard to the history of them; ..."

4. Fifty Years in a Maryland Kitchen by B. C. Howard, Jane Grant Gilmore Howard, James B. Herndon, Herndon/Vehling Collection (1881)
"One quart of boiling water, one large handful of common hops, or one square inch of pressed hops, one small cup of white sugar ..."

5. Hops: Their Cultivation, Commerce, and Uses in Various Countries. A Manual by Peter Lund Simmonds (1877)
"There are several varieties distinguished on the Continent, such as common hops, those in which the cones are formed of large and thick bracts, ..."

6. A History of American Manufactures from 1608 to 1860 by John Leander Bishop, Edwin Troxell Freedley, Edward Young (1866)
"(humulus lupulus), a good brown ; common dra) ; with lime as a mordant, it produces a (juglans nigra) a dark olive ; common hops GREEN. ..."

7. Flora of the Rocky Mountains and Adjacent Plains, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming by Per Axel Rydberg (1917)
"common hops. Rocky banks and copses: NS—-Ga.—Kans.—-Wyo.—-Mont.; Eurasia; extensively cultivated. ..."

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