Definition of Communist party of kampuchea

1. Noun. A communist organization formed in Cambodia in 1970; became a terrorist organization in 1975 when it captured Phnom Penh and created a government that killed an estimated three million people; was defeated by Vietnamese troops but remained active until 1999.

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Literary usage of Communist party of kampuchea

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Enforcing Restraint: Collective Intervention in Internal Conflicts by Lori Fisler Damrosch (1993)
"... and the insurgents of the Communist Party of Kampuchea (the Khmer Rouge), in alliance with Sihanouk, the Khmer Rouge gained control of Cambodia by April ..."

2. Researching Violently Divided Societies: Ethical and Methodological Issues by Marie Smyth, Gillian Robinson (2001)
"By 1970, the Communist Party of Kampuchea had become an armed guerrilla movement, General Lon Nol had staged a coup against Prince Sihanouk, and Cambodia ..."

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