Definition of Comoro islands

1. Noun. Three main islands and numerous islets in the Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar.

Exact synonyms: Iles Comores
Terms within: Comoros, Federal Islamic Republic Of The Comoros
Generic synonyms: Archipelago
Group relationships: Indian Ocean

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Literary usage of Comoro islands

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Proceedings by Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain), Norton Shaw, Francis Galton, William Spottiswoode, Clements Robert Markham, Henry Walter Bates, John Scott Keltie (1864)
"On the comoro islands. By Captain ALGERNON DE HORSEY, RN THIS paper contains a description of the little-known group of islands called Comoro, lying between ..."

2. Report of the Annual Meeting (1866)
"When the English consul, Mr. Sunley, visited the island after an absence of four years, he found a lava reef three- On the comoro islands. By Lieut.-Col. ..."

3. The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society by Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain), Norton Shaw, Hume Greenfield, Henry Walter Bates (1849)
"Mayotta and the comoro islands. By TS LEIGH, Esq. [Read June 21, 1848.] WHILST passing through the Mosambique Channel a few years since an opportunity ..."

4. A Manual of the Mollusca: Being a Treatise on Recent and Fossil Shells by Samuel Peckworth Woodward, Ralph Tate (1880)
"... Islands are nearly all peculiar; wo are indebted to Mr. "W. H, Benson for most of the information existing in respect to them. comoro islands. ..."

5. The American Naturalist by American Society of Naturalists, Essex Institute (1897)
"Comoro group : An- juan and Grand comoro islands. 53. Zosterops madagascariensis Gmel. Madagascar and Glo- rioso Islands. 54. Zosterops kirki Shelley. ..."

6. Narrative of the Voyages and Services of the Nemesis, from 1840 to 1843: And by William Dallas Bernard, William Hutcheon Hall (1844)
"comoro islands — Sultan Alloué —His father Abdallah —Treaties for suppression of ... The present ruler, or sultan, of the comoro islands, by name Alloué, ..."

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