Definition of Compound number

1. Noun. A quantity expressed in two different units. "One hour and ten minutes"

Generic synonyms: Number

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Literary usage of Compound number

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Manufacture of Pulp and Paper: A Textbook of Modern Pulp and Paper Mill by J. Newell Stephenson (1921)
"A compound number is one that requires more than one unit to express it; thus, if the length of a piece of hose is stated to be 12 feet 7 inches, ..."

2. An Elementary Treatise on Arithmetic by Silvestre François Lacroix (1825)
"From the above example we may deduce the following general rules, namely, To reduce the several parts of a compound number to a fraction of the highest ..."

3. Practical and Mental Arithmetic on a New Plan: In which Mental Arithmetic is by Roswell Chamberlain Smith (1847)
"PRACTICE IN compound number«). Operations in compound numbers, as pounds, shillings, for instance, may he shortened by taking aliquot paru, as in Practice ..."

4. Introduction to The National Arithmetic: On the Inductive System Combining by Benjamin Greenleaf (1866)
"A compound number is a collection of concrete units of several ... 9d. is a compound number. A Denominate Number is any concrete number which may be changed ..."

5. The Franklin Written Arithmetic: With Examples for Oral Practice by Edwin Pliny Seaver, George Augustus Walton (1881)
"The compound number 2 feet 7 inches expresses the same quantity that the simple number 31 ... Name a simple number ; a compound number ; a denominate number ..."

6. Introduction to the National Arithmetic: On the Inductive System, Combining by Benjamin Greenleaf (1870)
"A compound number?—83. What is reduction 1 How many kinds of reduction ? What are they ? What is reduction descending * Reduction ascending ? — 84. ..."

7. An Introduction to the Elements of Algebra: Designed for the Use of Those by Leonhard Euler, John Farrar (1821)
"... namely; To reduce a compound number to the lowest denomination contained in it, multiply the highest by so many as one of this denomination makes of the ..."

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