Definition of Con artist

1. Noun. A swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim.

Definition of Con artist

1. Noun. A person who defrauds or swindles others after first gaining their trust; a scam operator. ¹

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Literary usage of Con artist

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bound for Good Health: A Collection of Age PagesMedi (1993)
"For example, the con artist may pose as a bank examiner and request that you withdraw, and temporarily turn over to him or her, money from your bank account ..."

2. Arnaud's Masterpiece: A Romance of the Pyrenees by Walter Cranston Larned (1897)
"... and having no relation in con-Artist structive thought to the rest of the in the church. Templars' The reason for this peculiar construe- Church. tion ..."

3. Deeper Reading: Comprehending Challenging Texts, 4-12 by Kelly Gallagher (2004)
"Degrees of Evil A con artist swindles elderly people out of their life savings. A racist police officer shoots a suspect and then frames him. ..."

4. Howard's Hill and Other True Stories: Small Unit Marine Action in Vietnam by DIANE Publishing Company (1990)
""That guy," one Marine said, "was the greatest con artist since WC Fields." The Marines were stunned by the number of refugees and their determination to ..."

5. Personal Finance by Robert S. Rosefsky (2002)
"Knowing where you can get help if you find yourself the victim of a swindle BARNUM WAS RIGHT No one is immune to the wiles of the con artist or the shady ..."

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