Definition of Concerted music

1. Noun. Music arranged in parts for several voices or instruments.

Exact synonyms: Polyphonic Music, Polyphony
Generic synonyms: Music
Specialized synonyms: Counterpoint
Antonyms: Monophonic Music, Monophony
Derivative terms: Polyphonous

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Literary usage of Concerted music

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Shakespeare in Music: A Collation of the Chief Musical Allusions in the by Louis Charles Elson (1901)
"... of Bacon and Shakespeare in Their Musical Allusions — A Contribution to the Baconian Controversy — concerted music at the End of the Sixteenth Century. ..."

2. Elson's Music Dictionary: Containing the Definition and Pronunciation of by Louis Charles Elson (1905)
"concerted music. Music in which several voices or instruments are heard ... Originally the term was applied loosely to almost any kind'of concerted music. ..."

3. The Growth of Music: A Study in Musical History for Schools by Henry Cope Colles (1916)
"At that time a distinctive form of English concerted music—chamber music, as we now call it—came into being and was widely practised both by professional ..."

4. Violin Teaching and Violin Study: Rules and Hints for Teachers and Students by Eugene Gruenberg (1919)
"(3) concerted music. It is indispensable for the violin student to cultivate concerted music, using as many instrumental combinations, as may be found. ..."

5. Ancient Egypt, Her Testimony to the Truth of the Bible: Being an by William Osburn (1846)
"THE concerted music OF THE EGYPTIANS. It has been already explained that instruments were used in ancient times merely to accompany the voice; ..."

6. Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians by George Grove (1907)
"It may, however, be noted that it possesses singularly little solo or concerted music. Handel composed six concertos for it in 1703, which are still ..."

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