Definition of Conchas

1. Noun. (plural of concha) ¹

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Definition of Conchas

1. concha [n] - See also: concha

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Literary usage of Conchas

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Spanish Ironwork by Arthur Byne, Mildred Stapley Byne (1915)
"Two of the most magnificent and best known Gotico- florido window rejas are also in Salamanca on the Casa de las conchas, or House of the Shells, ..."

2. The Geographical and Historical Dictionary of America and the West Indies by Antonio de Alcedo, George Alexander Thompson (1812)
"... of the province and government of Buenos Ay res, on the shore of the river La Plata, and at the mouth of that of Las conchas, near the capital. ..."

3. An Ethnologic Dictionary of the Navaho Language by Franciscans, St. Michaels, Ariz (1910)
"... large conchas or bridle buttons at each side of the brow band. These bridles cost from twenty-five to thirty dollars, or their equivalent in sheep, ..."

4. Life Among the Apaches by John C. Cremony (1868)
"conchas Springs. — Intense Cold.—Indians' Indifference to Cold.—Apache Method of Running Sheep.— Great Distances Accomplished. ALLUSION has been made to the ..."

5. Travels in Various Parts of Peru: Including a Year's Residence in Potosi by Edmond Temple (1830)
"An important " If."—Friends threaten a separation.—Estate of Monte Rico.—Cross the Rio Passage. —Village of conchas.—Meeting with a notorious character. ..."

6. Buenos Ayres and Argentine Gleanings: With Extracts from a Diary of Salado by Thomas Joseph Hutchinson (1865)
"... across the Rivers Espinillo and Las conchas — Foundation of this Colony—Its Extent—Causes of Failure—Component Parts of its Community—Mode of obtaining ..."

7. Handbook of the River Plate: Comprising Buenos Ayres, the Upper Provinces by Edward T M Mulhall, Michael George Mulhall (1869)
"Bernardo Repetto; Postmaster, Don Luis Lan. Las conchas. Between the rivers Lujan and Las conchas, a territory of about six leagues, once was located the ..."

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