Definition of Conjoining

1. Verb. (present participle of conjoin) ¹

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Definition of Conjoining

1. conjoin [v] - See also: conjoin

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Literary usage of Conjoining

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Practice of the Sheriff Courts of Scotland in Civil Causes by John Dove Wilson (1883)
"Power of conjoining. 8. When proper to Conjoin—Case of 9. ... Mode and Effect of conjoining. 13. Of Disjoining Actions. SISTINO ACTIONS. 14. ..."

2. Handbook of Practice in Civil Causes in the Sheriff-courts of Scotland: With by John Dove Wilson (1869)
"Power of conjoining. 8. When proper to Conjoin—Case of ... Time of conjoining. 12. Mode and Effect of conjoining. 13. ..."

3. Rational Psychology: Or, The Subjective Idea and the Objective Law of All by Laurens Perseus Hickok (1854)
"We will call this apriori condition—The Unity of the conjoining agency. 2. There must be more than the unity of conjoining agency. ..."

4. The Forms and Procedure in Civil Causes in the Sheriff Courts of Scotland by David Johnston Macbrair (1853)
"conjoining Processes. Under the former practice it was generally necessary, in order to conjoining processes, that they should be between the same parties, ..."

5. The Practice of the Commissary Courts in Scotland: With an Appendix by William Alexander (1859)
"INTERLOCUTORS by Commissaries of Edinburgh in Chalmers' Executry, in regard to conjoining and Substituting Executors-Dative. A Petition for appointment of ..."

6. The Scottish Jurist: Containing Reports of Cases Decided in the House of by House of Lords, Great Britain Parliament. House of Lords, Parliament, Great Britain (1832)
"... for conjoining the same, The suspender, in 1816, took a lease of the farm of Nether Beath, for 19 year«. His affairs having afterwards become involved, ..."

7. A Practical Treatise on the Forms of Process: Containing the New Regulations by Thomas Beveridge, Scotland Jury Court (1826)
"Of repeating in, and conjoining processes. 1. A summons in supplement of a depending process sometimes becomes necessary, to enable the defender to maintain ..."

8. The British Herald Or, Cabinet of Armorial Bearings of the Nobility & Gentry Thomas Robson by Thomas Robson (1830)
"... Scotland] per pale or and ar. an cloud, conjoining am! supporting a darning heart ppr. eagle displ. az. armed and ..."

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