Definition of Conjunctional

1. a. Relating to a conjunction.

Definition of Conjunctional

1. Adjective. Conjoining. ¹

2. Adjective. (linguistics) Pertaining to, or governed by, a conjunction. ¹

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Definition of Conjunctional

1. [adj]

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Literary usage of Conjunctional

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Evolution, racial and habitudinal by John Thomas Gulick (1905)
"conjunctional election. Family partition. Sexual election. Social partition. Social election. Filio-parental election. Producing demarcation of racial ..."

2. Transition in the Attic Orators by Robert Dale Elliott (1919)
"DISMISSIVE-conjunctional TRANSITION A dismissive-conjunctional transition is one consisting of a dismissive, followed by a conjunctional transitional ..."

3. The Working Principles of Rhetoric Examined in Their Literary Relations and by John Franklin Genung (1900)
"The representative of illative conjunctional relation is therefore. Others are: wherefore, hence, whence, consequently, accordingly, thus, so, then, ..."

4. Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association by American philological association (1897)
"A Study of conjunctional Temporal Clauses in Thukydides, by Miss Winifred Warren, of Bryn Mawr College (read by Professor Smyth). ..."

5. The Art of Writing English: A Book for College Classes by Rollo Walter Brown, Nathaniel Waring Barnes (1913)
"Coherence through conjunctional words and phrases. ... In the first place, it is possible to make conjunctional words and phrases perform precisely the same ..."

6. The Practical Elements of Rhetoric: With Illustrative Examples by John Franklin Genung (1896)
"conjunctional RELATION. More perhaps than on anything else, the progress, the flexibility, and the delicacy of the writer's expression, are dependent on the ..."

7. A Plea for the Queen's English: Stray Notes on Speaking and Spelling by Henry Alford (1881)
"Care is required in the use of several J1?8 °* car- tain con- conjunctional and prepositional particles. The JUJ first of these which I shall notice is ..."

8. Linguistic Development and Education by Michael Vincent O'Shea (1907)
"Prepositional and conjunctional Function The ab- From what has been said in previous sections, it must be connective apparent now that the part ..."

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