Definition of Constitutionalise

1. Verb. Incorporate into a constitution, make constitutional. "A woman's right to an abortion was constitutionalized in the 1970's"

Exact synonyms: Constitutionalize
Generic synonyms: Alter, Change, Modify

Definition of Constitutionalise

1. Verb. (alternative spelling of constitutionalize) ¹

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Literary usage of Constitutionalise

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Proceedings by Royal Colonial Institute (Great Britain) (1878)
"... the British dependencies enjoying it, must arouse the consideration of the question, Can nothing be done to constitutionalise the government of India ? ..."

2. Church Unity: Studies of Its Most Important Problems by Charles Augustus Briggs (1909)
"Russia and Turkey, and even Persia and China, have been compelled by the modern spirit to constitutionalise their Governments and so destroy bureaucracy and ..."

3. Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte by Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne, Ramsay Weston Rhipps (1895)
"In most of these getty proceedings the French showed little political wisdom, and did not take the course proper to conciliate and constitutionalise the ..."

4. Mental Culture in Burmese Crisis Politics: Aung San Suu Kyi and the National by Gustaaf Houtman (1999)
"Aung San extended this criticism to include U Ba Cho's desire to constitutionalise Buddhism as the national religion, which Aung San saw as seriously ..."

5. Scinde, Or, the Unhappy Valley by Richard Francis Burton (1851)
"... have endured the 100° heat of an inner room, and I now come to awake you at four AM, and take you to constitutionalise a little before the sun appears. ..."

6. The Legitimacy of International Organizations by Jean-Marc Coicaud (2001)
"“How to constitutionalise International Law and Foreign Policy for the Benefit of Civil Society?” Michigan Journal of International Law 2R 1. 44. ..."

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