Definition of Continuances

1. Noun. (plural of continuance) ¹

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Definition of Continuances

1. continuance [n] - See also: continuance

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Literary usage of Continuances

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Montgomery's Manual of Federal Procedure by Charles Carroll Montgomery (1914)
"continuances of Suits under Postal Laws. 695. continuances of Suits on Debentures. ... continuances—In General. This matter conforms to state practice under ..."

2. Montgomery's Manual of Federal Procedure, Practice and Forms by Charles Carroll Montgomery (1918)
"continuances of Suits Under Postal Laws. 565. continuances of Suits on Debentures. ... continuances—In General. This matter conforms to state practice under ..."

3. A Treatise on New Trial and Appeal: Presenting and Illustrating the Laws and by Robert Y. Hayne, J. R. Pringle, William Harvey Hyatt (1912)
"continuances are in court's discretion—Power. continuances for absence of witnesses. Continuance* for absence of counsel. S 63. ..."

4. A Brief for the Trial of Criminal Cases by Austin Abbott, William Constantine Beecher (1902)
"Repeated continuances. After repeated continuances the court may examine the ... 274, holding that, notwithstanding five continuances had been granted, ..."

5. Handbook of Jurisdiction and Procedure in United States Courts by Robert Morton Hughes (1913)
"In the matter of continuances the federal courts follow their own rules, and are not affected by the state law or practice, as continuances are not ..."

6. The Jurisdiction of the Lords House, Or Parliament: Considered According to by Matthew Hale, Francis Hargrave (1796)
"THERE are continuances of particular ... much like the continuances in other courts, by dies dati, or orders of continuances of particular ..."

7. The Encyclopædia of Pleading and Practice: Under the Codes and Practice Acts by William Mark McKinney, Thomas Johnson Michie (1898)
"(1) To Grant continuances, 550. i. Intervention, 551. j. Pleas, Proof, and Witnesses, 552. k. Depositions, 553. /. Interrogatories, 553. m. ..."

8. A Treatise on General Practice, Containing Rules and Sugestions for the Work by Byron Kosciusko Elliott, William Frederick Elliott (1894)
"The advocate who habitually seeks continuances is generally a very ... Bad policy to ask many continuances.—It is bad policy to ask many continuances. ..."

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