Definition of Conventicles

1. Noun. (plural of conventicle) ¹

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Definition of Conventicles

1. conventicle [n] - See also: conventicle

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Literary usage of Conventicles

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The History of England from the Restoration to the Death of William III by Richard Lodge (1910)
"The chief statute of the session was what Lauderdale himself called the " clanking act against conventicles," * which was passed for a period of three years ..."

2. Laws and Ordinances of New Netherland, 1638-1674 by New York (State)., Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan (1868)
"conventicles or meetings, other than of the Reformed worship. prohibited. Any man, woman or child assisting thereat, to bi' fined each GO guilders. ..."

3. The History of Modern Europe: With an Account of the Decline & Fall of the by William Russell, Charles Coote (1822)
"fA severe act against conventicles followed these arbitrary laws, on which Lauderdale highly ... The rigorous exercised against conventicles in Scotland, ..."

4. A Scots Earl in Covenanting Times: Being Life and Times of Archibald, 9th by John Willcock (1907)
"In addition to the measures already mentioned Lauderdale carried through Parliament what he called " a clanking act " against conventicles, ..."

5. The History of the Popes: From the Close of the Middle Ages. Drawn from the by Ludwig Pastor (1906)
"Among the darker shades of the picture of this period, we must count the formation of sectarian conventicles by laymen and the. increase of false prophecies ..."

6. Tales of a Grandfather: History of Scotland by Walter Scott (1861)
"WHEN the custom of holding field conventicles was adopted, it had the effect of raising the minds of those who frequented them to a higher and more exalted ..."

7. The History of Civilisation in Scotland by John Mackintosh (1895)
"41 The government taxed its ingenuity to the utmost in devising means to prohibit conventicles, and to crush the spirit of the people. ..."

8. The History of England: From the Invasion of Julius C├Žsar to the Revolution by David Hume (1858)
"The rigors exercised against conventicles, instead of breaking the spirit of the fanatics, had tended only, as is usual, to render them more obstinate, ..."

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