Definition of Cookery

1. Noun. The act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat. "He left the preparation of meals to his wife"

Exact synonyms: Cooking, Preparation
Generic synonyms: Change Of State
Specialized synonyms: Baking, Browning, Toasting, Broil, Broiling, Grilling, Frying, Sauteing, Fusion Cooking, Braising, Poaching, Roasting, Boiling, Simmering, Stewing, Percolation, Cuisine, Culinary Art
Terms within: Tenderisation, Tenderization, Seasoning
Examples of category: Challah, Hallah, Jewish Rye, Jewish Rye Bread, Calamari, Calamary, Squid, Curry, Brown Sauce, Chinese Brown Sauce, Caramelise, Caramelize, Caramelise, Caramelize, Alcoholise, Alcoholize, Alcoholise, Alcoholize, Conserve, Pickle, Salt, Marinade, Marinate, Can, Put Up, Tin, Brine, Fortify, Lace, Spike, Fortify, Boil Down, Concentrate, Reduce, Boil Down, Concentrate, Decoct, Reduce, Bake, Ovenbake, Brown, Coddle, Fire, Farce, Stuff, Baste, Souse, Micro-cook, Microwave, Nuke, Zap, Crisp, Crispen, Toast, Shirr, Blanch, Parboil, Overboil, Fricassee, Stew, Jug, Simmer, Roast, Barbecue, Barbeque, Cook Out, Pan Roast, Braise, Fry, Frizzle, Deep-fat-fry, Griddle, Pan-fry, Deep-fry, French-fry, Stir Fry, Saute, Grill, Hibachi, Steam, Broil, Oven Broil, Pan-broil, Pressure-cook, Bruise, Blacken, Char, Scorch, Sear, Render, Try, Splat, Clarify, Dun, Corn, Filet, Fillet, Puree, Strain, Egg, Dredge, Flour, Crumb, Truss, Bread, Mask, Dress, Sauce, Whip, Whisk, Cream, Beat, Scramble, Churn, Rice, Frost, Ice, Butterfly, Put On, Spatchcock, Devil, Cook, Precook, Whip Up, Whomp Up, Concoct, Cook Up, Lard, Flavor, Flavour, Season, Curry, Spice, Spice Up, Zest, Ginger, Savor, Savour, Pepper, Salt
Derivative terms: Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Prepare

Definition of Cookery

1. n. The art or process of preparing food for the table, by dressing, compounding, and the application of heat.

Definition of Cookery

1. Noun. The art and practice of preparing food for consumption, especially by the application of heat; cooking. ¹

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Definition of Cookery

1. the art of cooking [n -ERIES]

Medical Definition of Cookery

1. The art or practice of cooking. It includes the preparation of special foods for diets in various diseases. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Cookery

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