Definition of Cooking apple

1. Noun. An apple used primarily in cooking for pies and applesauce etc.

Generic synonyms: Apple
Specialized synonyms: Bramley's Seedling, Lane's Prince Albert, Newtown Wonder, Rome Beauty
Antonyms: Eating Apple

Definition of Cooking apple

1. Noun. any apple primarily used for making pies, crumbles or sauces ¹

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Literary usage of Cooking apple

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Horticulturist, and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste by Luther Tucker (1874)
"It makes a capital cooking apple. We strongly advise those who live in the colder parts of the State to give this apple a trial, believing that they will ..."

2. A Practical Guide to Garden Plants by John Weathers (1901)
"A handsome cooking Apple fit for use from October to March. ... An excellent cooking Apple in use from September to January. Fruit large, conical or oblong, ..."

3. Report of the Commissioners [and Appendices A to S] by Ontario Agricultural Commission (1880), Samuel Casey Wood (1881)
"The Duchess of Oldenburg is also a good cooking apple. ... Some years ago the Fall Pippin was very popular as a cooking apple, but its popularity has fallen ..."

4. Fruits for the Cold North: Report on Russian Fruits : by Charles Gibb by Charles Gibb (1884)
"Not hardy at Moscow, but valuable further south. It is pretty enough to sell, and is a fair dessert and good cooking apple that keeps till spring. ..."

5. The Garden: An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Gardening in All Its Branches by Esther Baldwin York (1906)
"This Is a favourite Yorkshire Apple ; 2, thii li wrongly named, it is Golden Spire, also a cooking Apple, In season from October to December, ..."

6. The Fruits and Fruit-trees of America: Or, the Culture, Propagation, and by Andrew Jackson Downing, Charles Downing (1900)
"A very large Apple, cultivated for drying in some parts of the country, but of little other value except as a cooking apple. Fruit of the largest size, ..."

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