Definition of Copperas

1. n. Green vitriol, or sulphate of iron; a green crystalline substance, of an astringent taste, used in making ink, in dyeing black, as a tonic in medicine, etc. It is made on a large scale by the oxidation of iron pyrites. Called also ferrous sulphate.

Definition of Copperas

1. Noun. Ferrous sulfate. ¹

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Definition of Copperas

1. a compound used in making inks [n -ES]

Medical Definition of Copperas

1. The impure commercial variety of ferrous sulfate. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Copperas

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Mineral Industry by Richard Pennefather Rothwell (1913)
"copperas The sulphate of iron production in 1912 amounted to 41713 short tons valued ... The following table gives the production of copperas in the last 15 ..."

2. Sewage Disposal in the United States by George W. Rafter, Moses Nelson Baker (1893)
"In this case, the copperas is already carried by the sewage, and the addition of lime is required to neutralize the acid, thus precipitating the iron and ..."

3. The Mysteries of the Court of London by George William MacArthur Reynolds (1863)
"On the other hand, Dr. copperas, when communicating an ex traordinary case to a ... copperas on Dispepsia," was frequently observed at the bottom of a page, ..."

4. The Emporium of Arts and Sciences by John Redman Coxe (1815)
"The usual mode of manufacturing copperas on the " rivers Tyre and Wear, is by exposing iron pyrites (there " called brasses) which are found in the ..."

5. Outlines of Industrial Chemistry: A Text-book for Students by Frank Hall Thorp (1916)
"Ferrous sulphate, green vitriol, or copperas, FeSO4 • 7 H2O, is a by-product of several industries. Pyrites may be exposed to moist air until oxidation ..."

6. Dr. Chase's Family Physician, Farrier, Bee-keeper, and Second Receipt Book by Alvin Wood Chase (1874)
"For each Ib. of goods copperas, С ozs. to 3 gals, of water, in a kettle, make as hot as you can handle the goods with the hand; having dissolved bichromate ..."

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