Definition of Corn pudding

1. Noun. Pudding made of corn and cream and egg.

Generic synonyms: Pudding

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Literary usage of Corn pudding

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Mrs. Putnam's Receipt Book: And Young Housekeeper's Assistant by Elizabeth H. Putnam (1869)
"NANTUCKET corn pudding. Eight ears of corn grated from the cob ; two soft crackers pounded fine; three eggs; one cup of sugar; one pint of milk; ..."

2. The Improved Housewife: Or, Book of Receipts; with Engravings for Marketing by A. L. Webster, A married lady (1847)
"Baked corn pudding. Grate green sweet corn: to three teacups of it, add two quarts of milk, eight eggs, a grated nutmeg, two teaspoon- fuls of salt, ..."

3. Dr. Chase's Recipes: Or, Information for Everybody : an Invaluable by Alvin Wood Chase (1881)
"... as mentioned iu the ''Green corn pudding." The splitting; allows the escape of the pulp, whilst the hull is held by the cob; season, form into small ..."

4. Mrs. Putnam's Receipt Book: And Young Housekeeper's Assistant by Elizabeth H. Putnam (1869)
"... and let it steam four hours, or according to the size of the pudding. Serve it with rich sweet sauce. HUCKLEBERRY HOLLOW. corn pudding ..."

5. The Successful Housekeeper: A Manual of Universal Application, Especially by Milon W. Ellsworth, Tinnie Ellsworth (1882)
"GREEN corn pudding. A most delicious accompaniment to a meat course. Take one quart of milk, five eggs, two tablespoonfuls melted butter, one tablespoonful ..."

6. Jane Hamilton's Recipes: Delicacies from the Old Dominion by Charlotte Mason Poindexter (1909)
"... corn pudding. Boil a dozen ears of corn until they are half done; then cut the corn from the cob, ..."

7. Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes by Emma McKinney, William McKinney (1922)
"Vegetables GENERAL PICKETT corn pudding One pint of fresh corn, or One can of corn, ... corn pudding ..."

8. The Godey's Lady's Book Receipts and Household Hints by Sarah Annie Frost (1870)
"GREEN corn pudding.—One dozen ears of corn, grated, three eggs, well beaten, one pint of sweet milk, half a cupful of butter, one large spoonful of sugar, ..."

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