Definition of Corner pocket

1. Noun. A pocket at the corner of a billiard table.

Generic synonyms: Pocket

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Literary usage of Corner pocket

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Hand-book of Games--: comprising new or carefully revised treatises on by H.G. Bohn (1867)
"Either by a low stroke carry the adversary's ball to the corner pocket, or canon upon the adversary's ball, with a strength that Will bring your own rather ..."

2. Bohn's New hand-book of games: comprising whist, by Deschapelles, Matthews by Henry George Bohn, Edmond Hoyle (1856)
"Carry the adversary's ball gently to the corner pocket, and play a low 626 ... by gently dropping the white ball in return, to the opposite corner pocket. ..."

3. Billiards Expounded to All Degrees of Amateur Players by S. A. Mussabini, John Patrick Mannock (1904)
"its being sent into the corner pocket, or on to the " shoulders " there, though keeping within easy distance. When it happens that the white ball is the ..."

4. Billiards by William Broadfoot, Archibald H. Boyd, Sydenham Dixon, William Justice Ford, Dudley David Pontifex, Russell D. Walker (1896)
"Place ball i on the left spot of the D, and play the usual half-ball hazard into the right corner pocket ; ball 2 will return from cushion i towards ball 3. ..."

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