Definition of Coronary insufficiency

1. Noun. Inadequate blood flow to the heart muscles; can cause angina pectoris.

Exact synonyms: Cardiac Insufficiency
Generic synonyms: Insufficiency

Medical Definition of Coronary insufficiency

1. Inadequate coronary circulation leading to anginal pain. Synonym: coronarism. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Coronary insufficiency

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Lifelong Passion: Nicholas and Alexandra: Their Own Story by Andrei Maylunas (2005)
"... development of disability and that AP is a better predictor of disability than is myocardial infarction or coronary insufficiency. (Auth. Abs) 91-3280. ..."

2. The Oxford Medicine by Henry Asbury Christian, James Mackenzie (1920)
"This encroachment leads to coronary insufficiency with the development of symptoms of anginal failure. The pulse is slow. There is often a hyperactive ..."

3. Management & Therapy of Sickle Cell Disease edited by Clarice D. Reid, Samuel Charace, Bertram Lubin (1997)
"Although coronary insufficiency is rare in patients with sickle cell disease, an electrocardiogram and cardiac enzymes should be obtained on all adult ..."

4. The Women's Health and Aging Study: Health and Social Characteristics of ...edited by Jack M. Guralnik, Linda P. Fried, Eleanor M. Simonsick, Judith D. Kasper, Mary E. Lafferty edited by Jack M. Guralnik, Linda P. Fried, Eleanor M. Simonsick, Judith D. Kasper, Mary E. Lafferty (1995)
"Myocardial Infarction (include date of most recent) Angina Pectoris, Coronary Insufficiency, or other Chronic Ischemie Heart Disease CHF or Congestive ..."

5. Cocaine Use in America: Epidemmiologic and Clinical Perspectives edited by Nicholas J. Kozel, Edgar H. Adams (1996)
"COMPLICATIONS CAUSED BY THE INTERACTION OF COCAINE WITH DISEASES AND OTHER DRUGS People with coronary insufficiency are at risk when using cocaine because ..."

6. Control of Tobacco-Related Cancers and Other Diseases: Proceedings of an by Prakash C. Gupta, James E. Hamner, P. R. Murti (1992)
"About 20% of the events were sudden deaths, which displayed a similar gradient. Heavy smokers had higher rates of coronary insufficiency, angina pectoris ..."

7. Case Studies from the Quality Improvement Support System by David H. Gustafson (1998)
"Second IV access Is acute coronary insufficiency or angina present? performed with thrombolytic started Admit patient to ICU/CCU encouraging all hospital ..."

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