Definition of Coronas

1. corona [n] - See also: corona

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Literary usage of Coronas

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Nucleation of the Uncontaminated Atmosphere by Carl Barus (1906)
"Under all circumstances the treatment for large and small coronas was identical. ... Alternations of large and small coronas (periodicity of inferior and ..."

2. Condensation of Vapor as Induced by Nuclei and Ions: Third Report by Carl Barus (1908)
"ON A METHOD FOR THE OBSERVATION OF coronas. 48. Character of the method.—In the usual practical experiments with the large coronas of cloudy condensation ..."

3. The Production of Elliptic Interferences in Relation to Interferometry by Carl Barus, Maxwell Barus (1912)
"INDEPENDENCE OF coronas OF THICKNESS OF THE FOG-LAYER. 61. Introductory.—As an adequate theory of coronas is yet to be given, experiments with a definite ..."

4. Elements of Meteorology, with Questions for Examination, Designed for by John Brocklesby (1869)
"OF coronas AND HALOES. 467. coronas. When light, gauze-like clouds float before the sun and moon, their disks are sometimes seen encircled by one or more ..."

5. Scientific Papers by John William Strutt Rayleigh (1899)
"coronas are formed whenever, between the eye and the source of light, a large number ... In the theory of coronas, the intensities of the partial waves are ..."

6. The Theory of Light by Thomas Preston (1901)
"These rings are coronas, observed close to the surface of the sun and moon in hazy weather, and must not be confused with the larger rings or halos formed ..."

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