Definition of Corpus geniculatum mediale

1. Noun. A neural structure that serves as the last of a series of processing centers along the auditory pathway from the cochlea to the temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex.

Exact synonyms: Medial Geniculate, Medial Geniculate Body
Generic synonyms: Geniculate Body

Medical Definition of Corpus geniculatum mediale

1. The medial one of a pair of prominent cell groups in the posteroinferior parts of the thalamus; it functions as the last of a series of processing stations along the auditory conduction pathway to the cerebral cortex, receiving the brachium of the inferior colliculus and giving rise to the auditory radiation to the auditory cortex in the superior temporal gyrus. Synonym: corpus geniculatum mediale, corpus geniculatum internum. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Corpus geniculatum mediale

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Nervous System and Its Constituent Neurones: Designed for the Use of by Lewellys Franklin Barker (1901)
"... fibres passing from the region of the medial geniculate body to the internal capsule, the corpus geniculatum mediale degenerates in Into (von Monakow). ..."

2. Brain and Spinal Cord: A Manual for the Study of the Morphology and Fibre by Emil Villiger (1918)
"The corpus geniculatum mediale, with the inferior colliculus, constitutes the primary auditory centre, since within these parts, particularly within the ..."

3. The Anatomy of the Central Nervous Organs in Health and Disease by Heinrich Obersteiner (1890)
"... corona radiata which originates in it, and also of the corpus geniculatum mediale, as well as a portion of the zona reticulata of the optic thalamus. ..."

4. The Anatomy of the central nervous system of man and of vertebrates in general by Ludwig Edinger (1899)
"183 shows, the corpus geniculatum laterale and the corpus geniculatum mediale. The geniculatum mediale lics in a direct line with the nucleus ventralis ..."

5. Twelve Lectures on the Structure of the Central Nervous System by Ludwig Edinger (1890)
"Its brachium originates in the corpus geniculatum mediale and in the hitherto ... the corpus geniculatum mediale lying close to the posterior brachium, ..."

6. The Anatomy of the Brain: A Text-book for Medical Students by Richard Henry Whitehead (1900)
"C. gm, corpus geniculatum mediale. C. g. L., Corpus geniculatum laterale. DF, Base of the peduncle of the cerebrum. Op. tr., Optic tract. ..."

7. Textbook of Anatomy by Daniel John Cunningham (1905)
"... of the transverse groove, whs.1, intervenes between the two pairs of bodies. The corpus geniculatum internum (corpus geniculatum mediale) is ..."

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