Definition of Cortinarius

1. Noun. The largest genus in the Agaricales; agarics having rusty spores and prominent cortinae (cobwebby partial veils).

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Literary usage of Cortinarius

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. British Fungus-flora: A Classified Textbook of Mycology by George Massee (1893)
"4, section of same; one-third nat. size;—Fig. 5, cortinarius ... 12, basidium and spores of cortinarius ..."

2. The Mushroom Book: A Popular Guide to the Identification and Study of Our by Nina Lovering Marshall (1901)
"GENUS cortinarius This genus contains many species which are ... It is of the utmost importance in identifying species of cortinarius to know the colour of ..."

3. A Preliminary Report on the Hymeniales of Connecticut by Edward Albert White (1905)
"cortinarius corrugatus Pk. (corrugated). East Hartford, South Windsor, Rainbow, ... cortinarius cinnabarinus Fr. (having the color of dragon's blood). ..."

4. Contributions from the New York Botanical Garden by New York Botanical Garden (1902)
"cortinarius CORRUGATUS Peck. Found twice but in large quantities. * cortinarius ERRATICUS Peck. Plentiful; growing in large semicircles in ..."

5. A Text-book of Mycology and Plant Pathology by John William Harshberger (1917)
"cortinarius The genus cortinarius is easily recognized when young among ... cortinarius contains many forms which are difficult of specific determination. ..."

6. Studies of American Fungi: Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, Etc by George Francis Atkinson (1900)
"2732 CU herbarium) collected on rotting wood at Freeville, NY, eight miles from Ithaca. The plants are represented twice natural size. cortinarius Fr. The ..."

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