Definition of Cosmid

1. Noun. (genetics) a large vector that is made from a bacteriophage and used to clone genes or gene fragments.

Generic synonyms: Vector
Category relationships: Genetic Science, Genetics

Definition of Cosmid

1. Noun. (genetics) A type of plasmid (often used as a cloning vector) constructed by the insertion of ''cos'' sequences, which are DNA sequences of the lambda phage. ¹

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Definition of Cosmid

1. a hybrid vector used in cloning [n -S]

Medical Definition of Cosmid

1. An artificially constructed type of bacteriophage lambda cloning vector containing the cos gene of phage lambda. Cosmids can be packaged in lambda phage particles for infection into E. Coli, this permits cloning of larger DNA fragments (up to 45 kb) than can be introduced into bacterial hosts in plasmid vectors. They are used as cloning vehicles for the study of aberrant eukaryotic structural genes and also as genetic vectors for introducing the nucleic acid of transforming viruses into cultured cells. Often used for construction of genomic libraries, because of their ability to carry relatively long pieces of DNA insert, compared with plasmids. (04 Jul 1999)

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Literary usage of Cosmid

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Biotechnology: Plant Nutrition: A Bibliography, January 1988-April 1993 by Janet Saunders (1994)
"... several cosmid clones of a clone bank of A. brasilense ATCC 29145. However, the EPS produced differed in structure from the wild-type R. meliloti EPS, ..."

2. Gene Expression in Horticultural Crops: Bibliography January 1991-October 1992 by Robert D. Warmbrodt (1995)
"A cosmid containing cloned Rhizobium ... mutagenesis of the cosmid in Escherichia coli, mutant derivatives unable to correct the A. vinelandii ..."

3. Biotechnology: Ti-Plasmids and Other Plant Vectors: Bibliography January by Lara Wiggert (1995)
"A cosmid containing cloned Rhizobium leguminosarum DNA that corrected the Nif- ... Following Tn5 transposon mutagenesis of the cosmid in Escherichia coli, ..."

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