Definition of Coumarouna odorata

1. Noun. Tall tropical South American tree having pulpy egg-shaped pods of fragrant black almond-shaped seeds used for flavoring.

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Literary usage of Coumarouna odorata

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Food Inspection and Analysis: For the Use of Public Analysts, Health by Albert Ernest Leach (1920)
"... from the tonka bean, together with a corresponding proportion of the other soluble matters thereof. Tonka bean is the seed of coumarouna odorata ..."

2. Scientific and Applied Pharmacognosy: Intended for the Use of Students in by Henry Kraemer (1915)
"The ripe seeds of coumarouna odorata and C. oppositifolia (Fam. Leguminosae, sub-fam. Papilionaceae), trees growing in tropical South America. ..."

3. Scientific and Applied Pharmacognosy for Students of Pharmacy, and by Henry Kraemer (1915)
"There are two principal varieties: (1) Dutch Tonka obtained from coumarouna odorata. growing in the northern part of the Amazon region, and (2) English ..."

4. Food Products by Henry Clapp Sherman (1914)
"Tonka bean is the seed of coumarouna odorata Aublet (Dipteryx odorata (Aubl.) Willd.). 23. Vanilla extract is the flavoring extract prepared from vanilla ..."

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