Definition of Creatin

1. Noun. An amino acid that does not occur in proteins but is found in the muscle tissue of vertebrates both in the free form and as phosphocreatine; supplies energy for muscle contraction.

Exact synonyms: Creatine
Generic synonyms: Amino Acid, Aminoalkanoic Acid

Definition of Creatin

1. n. A white, crystalline, nitrogenous substance found abundantly in muscle tissue.

Definition of Creatin

1. Noun. (alternative form of creatine) ¹

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Definition of Creatin

1. creatine [n -S] - See also: creatine

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Literary usage of Creatin

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"ON THE creatin-SPLITTING ENZYME OF THE PARATHYROIDS AND THE ADRENALS. ... SOME symptoms in parathyroid tetany markedly resemble the effects of creatin, ..."

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