Definition of Creeks

1. n. pl. A tribe or confederacy of North American Indians, including the Muskogees, Seminoles, Uchees, and other subordinate tribes. They formerly inhabited Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.

Definition of Creeks

1. Noun. (plural of Creek) ¹

2. Noun. (plural of creek) ¹

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Definition of Creeks

1. creek [n] - See also: creek

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Literary usage of Creeks

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties by Charles Joseph Kappler (1904)
"... and that a permanent and comfortable nome should be secured for them on the lands set apart in said treaty as the country of the creeks; and whereas ..."

2. History of the Discovery and Settlement of the Valley of the Mississippi: By by John Wesley Monette (1848)
"Advances to the Holy Ground, and defeats creeks under Weatherford. ... The Power of the creeks humbled.—Invasion of the Hickory Grounds. ..."

3. History of the Late War Between the United States and Great Britain by Henry Marie Brackenridge (1844)
"Those among the creeks who were well disposed to the United States, being much the weaker party, had also, in some places, shut themselves up in forts, ..."

4. An Abridgment of the Law of Nisi Prius by William Selwyn (1845)
"I. Of the Right of Fishery in the Sea, and in the creeks and Arms thereof, ... 1 HE right of fishing in the sea (a), and the creeks and arms thereof, ..."

5. Travels in the American Colonies by National Society of the Colonial Dames of America, Newton Dennison Mereness, . (1916)
"The English at Charleston established a trade with the creeks even earlier than ... The creeks thereupon began to trade with the French and although they ..."

6. Georgia and state rights: A study of the political history of Georgia from by Ulrich Bonnell Phillips (1902)
"The homes of the Lower creeks were chiefly within the present limits of Georgia, while the village's of the Upper creeks were grouped near the Alabama River ..."

7. The Missionary Gazetteer: Comprising a Geographical and Statistical Account Bela Bates Edwards, Charles Williams by Bela Bates Edwards, Charles Williams (1832)
"In 1627, a portion of the creeks, to the number of between 2500 and 3000, emigrated over ... Soc. had for some time a flourishing mission among the creeks, ..."

8. Bulletin by Kentucky Geological Survey (1905)
"Rock-houses are of frequent occurrence, reaching across ravines, along creeks and branches, and on more exposed points and hillsides. ..."

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