Definition of Criminal congress

1. Noun. Forbidden or tabu sexual intercourse between individuals.

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Literary usage of Criminal congress

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Thirty Years' View; Or, A History of the Working of the American Government by Thomas Hart Benton (1856)
"... which the President had deemed it his duty to bring to the attention of Congress, and ask a remedy for a proceeding so criminal. Congress acted on the ..."

2. Criminal Sociology by Enrico Ferri, William West Smithers, Joseph Ignatius Kelly, John Lisle (1917)
"Tarde proposed such a course and it was approved by the Anthropo- logico-criminal Congress at Rome, on the motion of Moleschott and Ferri in the following ..."

3. History of the United States from the Foundation of Virginia to the by Percy Greg (1887)
"The manoeuvre was executed 3 All done in this direction was of course simply null, not to say criminal. Congress had no more power to legalise Mr. Lincoln's ..."

4. A Treatise on American Citizenship by John Sergeant Wise, United States Supreme Court (1906)
"... alter, modify, or repeal any law or ordinance, civil or criminal. Congress, however, retained the right in the President to appoint a governor and other ..."

5. Writings and Speeches of Alvan Stewart, on Slavery by Alvan Stewart, Luther Rawson Marsh (1860)
"... that the slaveholder was to be ranked with the highest criminal; Congress would, under its power to regulate commerce between 'the States, ..."

6. Annual Report of the American Bar Association: Including Proceedings of the by American Bar Association (1910)
"Forging birth certificates is made criminal. Congress is asked by a joint resolution to enact " national and uniform " child labor laws. ..."

7. Canada Medical Journal and Monthly Record of Medical and Surgical Science (1866)
"While in one of the principal cities of the Union, he had criminal congress with a female, the wife of a gentleman of known respectability. ..."

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