Definition of Crude

1. Noun. A dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons.

Exact synonyms: Crude Oil, Fossil Oil, Oil, Petroleum, Rock Oil
Terms within: Atomic Number 6, C, Carbon
Generic synonyms: Fossil Fuel, Oil
Specialized synonyms: Resid, Residual Oil

2. Adjective. Not carefully or expertly made. "Rough carpentry"
Exact synonyms: Rough
Similar to: Unskilled
Derivative terms: Crudeness, Roughness

3. Adjective. Conspicuously and tastelessly indecent. "Full of language so vulgar it should have been edited"
Exact synonyms: Earthy, Gross, Vulgar
Similar to: Indecent
Derivative terms: Crudeness, Crudity, Grossness, Vulgarity

4. Adjective. Not refined or processed. "Crude oil"
Exact synonyms: Unprocessed, Unrefined
Derivative terms: Crudeness, Crudity
Antonyms: Refined

5. Adjective. Belonging to an early stage of technical development; characterized by simplicity and (often) crudeness. "Primitive living conditions in the Appalachian mountains"
Exact synonyms: Primitive, Rude
Similar to: Early
Derivative terms: Crudeness, Crudity, Primitiveness, Rudeness

6. Adjective. Devoid of any qualifications or disguise or adornment. "Facing the stark reality of the deadline"
Exact synonyms: Blunt, Stark
Similar to: Unconditional, Unconditioned
Derivative terms: Starkness

7. Adjective. Not processed or subjected to analysis. "Only the crude vital statistics"
Exact synonyms: Raw
Similar to: Unanalyzed
Derivative terms: Crudity, Rawness

Definition of Crude

1. a. In its natural state; not cooked or prepared by fire or heat; undressed; not altered, refined, or prepared for use by any artificial process; raw; as, crude flesh.

Definition of Crude

1. Adjective. Being in a natural state. ¹

2. Adjective. Characterized by simplicity, especially something not carefully or expertly made. ¹

3. Adjective. Lacking concealing elements. ¹

4. Adjective. Lacking tact or taste. ¹

5. Adjective. (statistics) Being in an unanalyzed form. ¹

6. Adjective. (archaic) Immature or unripe. ¹

7. Noun. Any substance in its natural state. ¹

8. Noun. Crude oil. ¹

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Definition of Crude

1. unrefined [adj CRUDER, CRUDEST] : CRUDELY [adv] / unrefined petroleum [n -S] - See also: unrefined

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Literary usage of Crude

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Energy Policies of IEA Countries by International Energy Agency (2003)
"In 2000, OMV and four international companies (Agip, BP, Esso and Shell) had combined net imports of 7.7 Mtoe of crude oil, natural gas liquids (NGL) and ..."

2. United States Supreme Court Reports by Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company, United States Supreme Court (1885)
"If crude, they were not dutiable and the plaintiffs were entitled to ... B^ washing in cold water, these impurities are removed arid the crude tartar is ..."

3. The Impact of HIV-AIDS on World Population by Peter O. Way (1994)
"During the period 1985 to 2010, the projections indicate that the crude birth ... The increased number of deaths is reflected in the higher crude death rate ..."

4. The Trust Problem by Jeremiah Whipple Jenks (1901)
"Petroleum * In considering the chart showing the prices of crude and refined petroleum, attention should be called to the fact that figures for crude oil ..."

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