Definition of Curly endive

1. Noun. Crisp spiky leaves with somewhat bitter taste.

Exact synonyms: Chicory
Generic synonyms: Salad Green, Salad Greens
Specialized synonyms: Radicchio
Group relationships: Chicory, Chicory Plant, Cichorium Intybus, Succory

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Literary usage of Curly endive

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. More Pot-pourri from a Surrey Garden by Maria Theresa Earle (1899)
"The eight stamps of endive make my economical hair stand on end, as the curly endive, which is the one intended, is a very shy grower in this hot soil, ..."

2. Food for the Invalid: The Convalescent, the Dyspeptic, and the Gouty by John Milner Fothergill (1884)
"The Batavian endive is not quite so bitter as the very curly endive, and on this account is much preferred. This, with a few water-cresses and a piece of ..."

3. Kettner's Book of the Table: A Manual of Cookery, Practical, Theoretical by Eneas Sweetland Dallas (1877)
"When the curly endive comes in, the French, as above said, forego tarragon, sometimes retain the chervil, but revel in the odour of garlic. ..."

4. Pot-pourri Mixed by Two by Ethel Case (1914)
"Broad-leaved and curly endive can be kept through the winter, if taken up with a ball of earth and put in a cellar or a frost-proof shed, or in a frame. ..."

5. Travels in Africa During the Years 1875[-1886] by Wilhelm Junker (1891)
"The tomatoes continued to ripen even in December, while the curly endive still filled some beds, and when cut down went on sprouting vigorously during the ..."

6. Daytrips France: 48 One Day Adventures by Rail, Bus Or Car by Earl Steinbicker (2005)
"... pates, cured meats, and terrines Chasseur hunter style Chateaubriand thick fillet of beef Chèvre goat or goat cheese Chicorée curly endive Chou cabbage ..."

7. Daytrips Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg: 40 One Day Adventures by Rail, Bus by Earl Steinbicker (2006)
"... and terrines Chasseur (F) hunter style Chateaubriand (F) thick fillet of beef Chèvre (F) goat or goat cheese Chicorée (F) curly endive Chocolade (D) ..."

8. The Aunts' Cook Book (1922)
"Aunt Robbie's Green Salad Select the pale inside leaves of head-lettuce. Arrange them on plates with curly endive or ..."

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