Definition of Custard pie

1. Noun. A prop consisting of an open pie filled with real or artificial custard; thrown in slapstick comedies.

Generic synonyms: Prop, Property

Definition of Custard pie

1. Noun. A prop used in slapstick consisting of an open pie filled with custard or cream (or, more often nowadays, simply a paper plate covered with shaving foam or a similar substance) that is pushed into another person's face ¹

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Literary usage of Custard pie

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Improved Housewife: Or Book of Receipts, with Engravings for Marketing by A. L. Webster (1855)
"A Plain custard pie. Boil a quart of milk with six peach leaves or wtth a lemon rind. When the milk is sufficiently flavored, strain, and place it where it ..."

2. Household Hints by Emma Whitcomb Babcock (1881)
"Make an under crust only, but bring it up well around the edge, as for custard pie ; add one cup of cocoanut to one pint of sweet milk, two eggs, ..."

3. Things Mother Used to Make: A Collection of Old Time Recipes, Some Nearly by Lydia Maria Gurney (1913)
"Beat white of egg till stiff; add sugar, beat again; stir in the cream and flavor- Old-Time custard pie 1 Pint of Milk 4 Tablespoonfuls of Sugar 3 Eggs Yz ..."

4. The Successful Housekeeper: A Manual of Universal Application, Especially by Milon W. Ellsworth, Tinnie Ellsworth (1882)
"custard pie. Line a deep plate with pie crust and fill with a custard made of one pint of milk, three eggs, three tablespoonfuls of white sugar and a pinch ..."

5. Domestic Science by Bertha J. Hoisington Austin (1914)
"Lesson LVI custard pie Materials used: Pie crust: Filling: jc flour 7 tb milk \ tb lard salt f tb butter 1 egg yolk and \ white salt 1 tp sugar water nutmeg ..."

6. Favorite Dishes: A Columbian Autograph Souvenir Cookery Book. Over Three by Carrie V. Shuman (1893)
"... Apple custard pie. From MRS. ANNIE LY ORFF, of Missouri, Alternate Lady Manager. One cup milk; yolks of two eggs; four grated apples; small spoon of ..."

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