Definition of Cycle per second

1. Noun. The unit of frequency; one hertz has a periodic interval of one second.

Exact synonyms: Cps, Cycle, Cycles/second, Hertz, Hz
Group relationships: Kc, Khz, Kilocycle, Kilocycle Per Second, Kilohertz
Generic synonyms: Rate

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Literary usage of Cycle per second

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. International Library of Technology: A Series of Textbooks for Persons by International Textbook Company (1906)
"Let a = power in watts expended per cubic inch for one cycle per second; V = volume of iron in cubic inches; « = cycles per second; P = total watts expended ..."

2. Dynamo-electric Machinery: A Manual for Students of Electrotechniques by Silvanus Phillips Thompson (1904)
"From the curves, taking as before the hysteretic constant as 77 = 0*003, we find that 0*013 watt is lost per cubic inch of iron at I cycle per second. ..."

3. Principles of Direct-current Electrical Engineering by James R. Barr (1908)
"TABLE IV HYSTERESIS CONSTANT r, FOR DIFFERENT MATERIALS Since 1 erg per second = 10 7 watts, the watts lost per cubic centimetre per cycle per second = 10 7 ..."

4. Design of Dynamos by Silvanus Phillips Thompson (1905)
"int 0-013 watts are lost per cubic inch of iron at i cycle per second. Hence, the hysteresis loss in the core-body is :— 3905 Xo • 013 X 22 • 6 = 1140 ..."

5. Testing of Electro-magnetic Machinery and Other Apparatus by Bernard Victor Swenson, Budd Frankenfield, John Myron Bryant (1904)
"From the data obtained the power lost in watts per cu. cm. per cycle per second is calculated for the various speeds at re the same induction. ..."

6. Electro-dynamic Machinery for Continuous Currents by Edwin James Houston, Arthur Edwin Kennelly (1896)
"... So/t Sheet Inn or Steel Undergoing One Complete Magnetic Cycle per Second, in Watts per Cubic Centimetre, Watts per Cubic Inch, and Watts per Found, ..."

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