Definition of Dagga

1. Noun. Relatively nontoxic South African herb smoked like tobacco.

Exact synonyms: Cape Dagga, Leonotis Leonurus, Red Dagga, Wilde Dagga
Generic synonyms: Herb, Herbaceous Plant
Group relationships: Genus Leonotis, Leonotis

Definition of Dagga

1. Noun. (South Africa) Indian hemp, ''Cannabis sativa indica'', or a similar plant of the genus ''Leonotis''. ¹

2. Noun. (South African English) Cement. ¹

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Definition of Dagga

1. marijuana [n -S] - See also: marijuana

Medical Definition of Dagga

1. Leaves of Leonotis leonurus, a plant found in South Africa, where it is smoked like tobacco with mild sedative effect; a term mistakenly applied to Indian hemp, Cannabis sativa. Origin: aborigines' term (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Dagga

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Adventures in Swaziland: The Story of a South African Boer by Owen Rowe O'Neil (1921)
"... coronation—How witch-doctors smoke dagga weed. SUGDEN was wide awake when we reached the camp and despite his condition was overcome with curiosity. ..."

2. Unequal Protection: The State Response to Violent Crime on South African Farms by Bronwen Manby, Human Rights Watch (Organization, Rumbi Mabuwa, Human Rights Watch (Organization)., Cheryl Goodenough (2001)
"When we got to the police station, [the commando leader] and his farm security brought two boxes of dagga [marijuana] which they gave to the police, ..."

3. Education In Exile: Somafco, The African National Congress School In Sean Morrow, Brown Maaba, Loyiso Pulumani by Sean Morrow, Brown Maaba, Loyiso Pulumani (2004)
"As an internal memorandum put it, 'this student is addicted to dagga and continues to ... Students smoked dagga and drank liquor, often in the neighbouring ..."

4. Indigenous Knowledge and Its Uses in SA by Hans Normann (1996)
"Wild dagga, is good for a stroke. Cook it and every day before meals give a person three ... That means there is something inside; wild dagga will kill it. ..."

5. Annals of Iowa by State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa Division of Historical Museum and Archives, Frederick Lloyd, Samuel Storrs Howe, Sanford W. Huff, Charles Aldrich, Edgar Rubey Harlan, Iowa Historical, Memorial, and Art Dept, Theodore Sutton Parvin (1905)
"The first act that dagga ever did was to bring this suit, and he has scarcely followed this up with a scintilla of evidence. He seeks in the signs of the ..."

6. Abyssinia of To-day: An Account of the First Mission Sent by the American by Robert Peet Skinner (1906)
"... the friend of all, Remains at dagga-Choba, by the hands of ... the pillar of the poor, He remains at dagga-Choba, bathed in his own blood; ..."

7. Transactions by Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire (1859)
"John Worall, a sworde and dagga'- John Lene, a byll. John Button. Leighton. Willm Cooke, a byll, murrian, jacke sworde and daggar. ..."

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