Definition of Darling

1. Noun. A special loved one.

Exact synonyms: Dearie, Deary, Ducky, Favorite, Favourite, Pet
Generic synonyms: Lover
Specialized synonyms: Chosen, Macushla, Mollycoddle, Teacher's Pet
Derivative terms: Favourite, Pet, Pet

2. Adjective. Dearly loved.
Exact synonyms: Beloved, Dear
Similar to: Loved
Derivative terms: Beloved, Dear

3. Noun. An Australian river; tributary of the Murray River.
Exact synonyms: Darling River
Group relationships: Australia
Generic synonyms: River

Definition of Darling

1. n. One dearly beloved; a favorite.

2. a. Dearly beloved; regarded with especial kindness and tenderness; favorite.

Definition of Darling

1. Proper noun. An Australian aboriginal language spoken in New South Wales. ¹

2. Proper noun. (surname A=An English and Scottish from=Middle English dot=), originally a nickname from darling. ¹

3. Noun. A person who is dear to one. ¹

4. Adjective. Dear; cherished. ¹

5. Adjective. charming ¹

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Definition of Darling

1. a much-loved person [n -S]

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Literary usage of Darling

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Irish Literature by Justin McCarthy, Maurice Francis Egan, Douglas Hyde, Charles Welsh, Gregory, James Jeffrey Roche (1904)
"Maid to be married I hear is sweet Annie Clare, Oro, O darling fair! ... Florence O'Driscoll they say has the luck so rare, Oro, O darling fair! ..."

2. A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from Its Discovery to the Present by Joseph Sabin, Wilberforce Eames, Bibliographical Society of America, Robert William Glenroie Vail (1873)
"darling (H.) Grief and Duty. A Discourse Delivered in the Fourth ... darling. Memoir of Otis Allen; with the proceedings of the Albany Bar and of other ..."

3. The Harvard Classics by Charles William Eliot (1910)
"CHARLIE Is MY darling TWAS on a Monday morning, Right early in the year, When Charlie ... O Charlie is my darling, etc. Wi' Hieland bonnets on their heads, ..."

4. Library of Southern Literature by Edwin Anderson Alderman, Joel Chandler Harris, Charles William Kent (1910)
"SOMEBODY'S darling By MISS MARIE RAVENEL DE LA COSTE ["There arc many famous poems," ... Somebody's darling, so young and brave, Wearing still on his pale, ..."

5. South Eastern Reporter by West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, West Publishing Company, South Carolina Supreme Court (1911)
"Suit by Frank W. darling, as executor and trustee under the will of Mary A. ... Mary A. darling died in 1905, leaving a large real and personal estate. ..."

6. A Guide to the Best Fiction in English by William Winter, George Saintsbury, Ernest Albert Baker (1913)
"The drama called "The darling of the Gods," by David Belasco ... The story of Yo-San, who is designated "the darling of the gods," separated from all ..."

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