Definition of David crockett

1. Noun. United States frontiersman and Tennessee politician who died at the siege of the Alamo (1786-1836).

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Literary usage of David crockett

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from Its Discovery to the Present by Joseph Sabin, Wilberforce Eames, Bibliographical Society of America, Robert William Glenroie Vail (1873)
"CROCKETT. The Life and Adventures of Col. david crockett, of ... david crockett, written by Himself. Comprising his Early Life, Hunting Adventures, ..."

2. Library of Southern Literature by Edwin Anderson Alderman, Joel Chandler Harris, Charles William Kent (1909)
"... JAMES M. GRAINGER david crockett was born near Limestone, now in Greene County, Tennessee, on August 17, 1786. He was the fifth son of John Crockett, ..."

3. The Magazine of American History with Notes and Queries by Pond, Nathan Gillett, 1832-, Martha Joanna Lamb, John Austin Stevens, Abbatt, William, 1851-1935, Stevens, John Austin, 1827-1910, Benjamin Franklin DeCosta, Henry Phelps Johnston, Nathan Gilbert Pond, William Abbatt (1892)
"It opened about Jackson, through my remark that some late writers placed Andrew Jackson and david crockett in the same rank. ..."

4. Southern Writers: Selections in Prose and Verse by William Peterfield Trent (1905)
"... throughout this agitation, I shall have the consolation, let what will come, that I am free from all responsibility. david crockett [david crockett, ..."

5. Southern Writers: Selections in Prose and Verse by William Peterfield Trent (1905)
"david crockett [david crockett, the son of a Revolutionary soldier and a pioneer, was born in Limestone, Greene County, ..."

6. Southwestern Historical Quarterly by Texas State Historical Association, Eugene Campbell Barker, Herbert Eugene Bolton, University of Texas at Austin Center for Studies in Texas History (1911)
"The following extracts from Senator Ward's address in support of this bill give a brief history of the family of david crockett after his death at the ..."

7. Southern Literature from 1579-1895: A Comprehensive Review, with Copious by Louise Manly (1895)
"(From A Narrative of the Life of david crockett, of the State of Tennessee. Written iy Himself, 1834. ..."

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