Definition of Day of the month

1. Noun. The specified day of the month. "What is the date today?"

Exact synonyms: Date
Specialized synonyms: Due Date, Maturity, Maturity Date, Birthday, Natal Day
Generic synonyms: 24-hour Interval, Day, Mean Solar Day, Solar Day, Twenty-four Hour Period, Twenty-four Hours
Specialized synonyms: 6 June 1944, D-day
Derivative terms: Date, Date, Date

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Literary usage of Day of the month

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Work of Reference on the by Charles George Herbermann (1913)
"... king of Juda, in the twelfth month, the five and twentieth day of the month, Evilmerodach king of Babylon, in the first year of his reign [ie 562 в. с. ..."

2. The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge: Embracing by Johann Jakob Herzog, Philip Schaff, Albert Hauck (1909)
"... Easter Sunday always recurs in the same sequence on the same day of the month. Such a cycle exists for the Julian calendar and comprises 532 years. ..."

3. The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides (1855)
"... in honour of whom the ok Bacchanalian feasts are celebrated on the twelfth day of the month ... day of the month ..."

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