Definition of De spinoza

1. Noun. Dutch philosopher who espoused a pantheistic system (1632-1677).

Exact synonyms: Baruch De Spinoza, Benedict De Spinoza, Spinoza
Generic synonyms: Philosopher

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Literary usage of De spinoza

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of Philosophy by Alfred Weber (1904)
"... words heart (coeur) and feeling (sentiment) — takes precedence of reason, and subjects it to its laws. 1 Benedicti de Spinoza apera ... et B. de Spinoza ..."

2. Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology: Including Many of the Principal by James Mark Baldwin (1905)
"Le problème moral dans la philosophie de Spinoza ft dans l'histoire du ... De l'éthique de Spinoza. Paris. 1851. Murray, jc The idealism of Spinoza. ..."

3. A History of Philosophy, from Thales to the Present Time by Friedrich Ueberweg, Noah Porter (1876)
"... complete edition of tho Works was edited by Paulus: Benedicti de Spinoza (>}>era rjn(t' ... Ed. Boehmer, Halle, 1852, and Ail Benedicti de Spinoza opera ..."

4. The Persistent Problems of Philosophy: An Introduction to Metaphysics by Mary Whiton Calkins (1912)
"BARUCH de spinoza: THE MONISTIC PLURALIST I. Ln-E (1632-1677) Baruch Spinoza was born in November, 1632. His parents belonged to the community of the ..."

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