Definition of Deadly nightshade

1. Noun. Perennial Eurasian herb with reddish bell-shaped flowers and shining black berries; extensively grown in United States; roots and leaves yield atropine.

Exact synonyms: Atropa Belladonna, Belladonna, Belladonna Plant
Generic synonyms: Herb, Herbaceous Plant
Group relationships: Atropa, Genus Atropa

2. Noun. Poisonous perennial Old World vine having violet flowers and oval coral-red berries; widespread weed in North America.

Definition of Deadly nightshade

1. Noun. The plant ''Atropa belladonna'', a perennial shrub of the nightshade family that contains high concentrations of the alkaloid atropine which can be deadly if taken in excess. ¹

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Medical Definition of Deadly nightshade

1. An herbaceous European plant (Atropa belladonna) with reddish bell-shaped flowers and shining black berries. The whole plant and its fruit are very poisonous, and the root and leaves are used as powerful medicinal agents. Its properties are largely due to the alkaloid atropine which it contains. Called also deadly nightshade. A species of Amaryllis (A. Belladonna); the belladonna lily. Origin: It, literally fine lady; bella beautiful + donna lady. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Deadly nightshade

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Manual of Medical Jurisprudence by Alfred Swaine Taylor (1897)
"... incautiously with whose character he is not thoroughly acquainted." CHAPTER XX. HENBANE ATROPA BELLADONNA, OR deadly nightshade. POISONING BY ATROPINE. ..."

2. Medical Jurisprudence by Alfred Swaine Taylor (1856)
"... coma, delirium, paralysis and convulsions ; such, at least, are the effects resulting from Monkshood (Aconite) and deadly Nightshade (Belladonna). ..."

3. A Treatise on Medical Jurisprudence by Francis Wharton, Moreton Stillé (1860)
"(deadly nightshade.) § 776. The root, leaves, and fruit of this plant are all poisonous. The berries are black, and have often been eaten by children in ..."

4. The Chemistry of Common Life by James Finlay Weir Johnston, Arthur Herbert Church (1880)
"The deadly nightshade ; its remarkable effects : destruction of a Norwegian army in Scotland.—The common henbane.— The bearded darnel gives headiness to ..."

5. The Principles and Practice of Medical Jurisprudence by Alfred Swaine Taylor (1873)
"deadly nightshade (ATROPA BELLADONNA). Symptoms.—The symptoms which are produced by the leaves, berries, and root of belladonna are of a uniform character, ..."

6. Hand-book of Chemistry by Leopold Gmelin, Henry Watts (1864)
"Oil of deadly nightshade-seed. From Atropa Belladonna. Sp. gr. 0-925 ; rather thicker than linseed-oil ; becomes very thick and turbid at — 16°, ..."

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