Definition of Death duty

1. Noun. A tax on the estate of the deceased person.

Exact synonyms: Death Tax, Estate Tax, Inheritance Tax
Generic synonyms: Transfer Tax

Definition of Death duty

1. Noun. An inheritance tax or estate tax. ¹

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Literary usage of Death duty

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report of the ... Conference by International Law Association Conference (1908)
"The Hungarian system of death duty starts, as we have seen, from the point ... The lawgiver is thereby eluding the principle by imposing .death duty on a ..."

2. A Handbook to Political Questions of the Day: And the Arguments on Either Side by Sydney Buxton (1892)
"A MUNICIPAL death duty. In addition to the local taxation of rents or annual values, it is contended, that the capital value of ground values should be also ..."

3. The London Programme by Sidney Webb (1891)
"A MUNICIPAL death duty. NOTWITHSTANDING all complaints, session after session closes ... death duty."

4. The Weekly Reporter by Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords, Great Britain. Privy Council, Great Britain. Supreme Court of Judicature (1905)
"Settlement estate duty is a death duty ; moreover, estate duty, which includes settlement estate duty, is declared to be a death duty in section 13 (3) of ..."

5. A Comprehensive Scheme for Street Improvements in London Accompanied by Maps by Arthur Cawston (1893)
"... municipalization of land—Impossibility of poorer ratepayers contributing—Suggested rates (1) graduated death duty on land (2) on buildings (3) Graduated ..."

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